Sentence Counter

Try out our free sentence counter tool to accurately count sentences instantly!

Sentence Count

What’s Special About This Sentence Counter?

This sentence counter is highly accurate and fast – requiring no button press for the count to be initiated. Just copy and paste the text content onto the text box and you’re done! Despite being a free tool, it can handle content from the shortest to longest formats extending to thousands of words.

Does This Sentence Counter Provide Word Count Or Any Other Metrics?

No, it doesn’t provide word count or any other metric. The sentence counter tool has been built to provide sentence count only and only that. If you do require word count, do try out our word counter tool.

Can This Sentence Counter Be Used For Tagalog?

Yes, in addition to English, our sentence counter could be utilised to count sentences in the Tagalog language.

How Does This Free Tool Count Sentences?

The sentence counter runs the user input text or content through a regular expression (pattern matching) that accurately distinguishes between sentences of complicated strings and texts.

Does This Sentence Counter Store Any Of My Text/Data?

This sentence counter does not store or process any of the user text/data on its servers, while the calculations are done purely on the client’s browser.