Read My Text

Accurately Convert Text To Speech Instantly!

Read My Text

How To Use “Read My Text”

  1. Directly copy and paste the text to be read out aloud onto the text box. If you have a PDF, TXT or DOCX file, use the upload functionality to import the reading material onto the text area.
  2. Once the text has been successfully imported, press “Play” to begin the narration. Once the narration initiates, you will notice that the current word being spoken will be highlighted for easy identification.
  3. Press “Pause” if you need to stop and resume at a later time from the current position.
  4. Press “Stop” to reset the player to its starting position.
  5. Press the “Clear Text” button to reset the text area.

Does Read My Text Store Any Of My Text/Data?

This text-to-speech converter does not store or process any of the user text/data on its servers, while the text to audio conversion is done purely on the client’s browser.