Free Spell Checker

Try out our free spell checker to detect embarrassing spelling errors!

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How Do I Use This Free Spell Checker To Spell Check?

Just copy-paste or type into the text area and that’s it! Within a few seconds, any spelling mistake would be underlined in red. Suggestions for correction or the correct spelling will be displayed by hovering the cursor over the underlined word.

Does This Spelling Checker Detect Grammatical Mistakes?

Yes, in addition to spell checking, this free tool can also be used for grammar checking.

What Is Special About This Free Spell Checker?

In addition to being accurate, this is the fastest spell checker online. Users can instantly detect spelling mistakes even without the press of a button.

Can This Tool Be Used As A Punctuation Checker?

Yes, in addition to functioning as a spell checker, this tool also detects punctuation mistakes.

Who Is It For?

This language tool can be used by anyone wanting to improve their spelling skills in the English language.